Understanding the Magic of Body Contouring

The Story Behind Body Contouring

Of all the cosmetic fields practiced in Singapore, body contouring is one of the most popular but also the most misunderstood. Most contouring procedures are cosmetic in nature, rarely designed to bring about life-saving changes. Though, every so often, doctors in Singapore will encounter serious conditions that require body sculpting procedures to resolve.

What is Body Contouring?

The term refers to surgical procedures that are used to improve the shape of the body after the loss of excess weight. When someone gains weight, their skin stretches to accommodate the physical change. However, by the time they lose this excess weight, their skin no longer possesses the elasticity required to snap back to its original state.

This leaves such people with sagging skin that ruins the appearance of their bodies. You don’t only see it in the obese. Pregnant women face similar issues and they rely on cosmetic surgery in Singapore to eliminate this excess skin, tightening the tissue and returning the body to a more appealing state.

Who Should Pursue Body Sculpting Procedures?

These procedures are not available to everyone. Even if you are pursuing a healthy lifestyle and you are not only eating right but exercising appropriately, you will be hard-pressed to find a doctor in Singapore that is willing to perform these procedures on your body simply because you lost weight.

Your body needs to first stabilize. People that are fighting to lose weight tend to fluctuate. Their weight will either rise as they falter in their dieting and exercising regiments or drop suddenly once their commitment wins through and they begin pushing themselves harder than ever before.

Before a doctor can perform a body sculpting procedure, your weight must remain stable for at least 12 months. If that wasn’t enough, you are expected to present a Body Mass Index of less than 28. Only then can you go under the knife for contouring treatments.

Some debilitating diseases like diabetes will disqualify you from such procedures altogether because surgery puts your life at risk.

What Are the Types of Contouring Procedures?

Your doctor is going to tailor your procedure to your specific situation. Sculpting procedures are not all the same. Some of them perform different functions and it is the role of the doctor to find a treatment that suits your needs.

In all cases, you are going to require anesthesia. Because this is surgery, you should also expect some scarring. Though, doctors in Singapore are trained to make incisions in places that are not necessarily visible. So, you don’t have to worry about the public seeing the marks of your procedure.

The next time you approach your doctor for a contouring procedure, he will eventually perform one of the following:

1). Tummy Tuck Surgery

This is a fairly straightforward procedure that involves removing the fat and skin around the lower abdomen. But that alone cannot give you the body you desire. The doctors must also tighten the deeper tissue and muscle layers.

This is the only way to produce a flat and firm abdomen. Tummy tucks are performed on people that have lost weight through dieting, exercising and bariatric surgery, not to mention women that have experienced multiple pregnancies.

Tummy tucks do not always produce the results one expects. You are encouraged to manage your expectations.

It takes two weeks for wounds from tummy tuck surgery to heal. You are discouraged from doing strenuous activities for roughly six weeks.

2). Rectus Divarication Repair

There are people for whom the left and right core muscles are separate. This leaves a gap that appears as a bulge that makes them appear fat even though they have lost weight. This is called rectus divarication and it can manifest in women that gave birth to particularly large babies.

This condition isn’t just cosmetic. Rather, it can attract additional ailments such as back pain. If the case is mild, it can be overcome with exercise and physiotherapy. Surgery is only encouraged if the case is severe.

Such a treatment actually goes hand in hand with a tummy tuck procedure. First, the muscles are stitched together after which the excess skin is removed. This tightens the abdominal wall.

3). Liposuction Fat Removal Surgery

With this procedure, small cuts are made and a cannula is pushed through. Doctors use it to remove the subcutaneous fat via aspiration. If you need liposuction, then it isn’t just an issue of sagging skin.

It means that you have localized fat that has refused to recede despite all the dieting and exercising you keep doing. You shouldn’t expect to lose weight through this method. Rather, liposuction will sculpt your body, giving it the shape you desire.

Don’t rely on it to remove cellulite, stretch marks and the like. The procedure is going to leave you with bruising and swelling. You might have to wait for three to four weeks before you can go about doing other fun things in Singapore.


1). Do overweight patients qualify for contouring procedures?

A doctor will tell you that these treatments are meant for people that need to eliminate sagging skin and localized fat. But plenty of obese individuals have undergone procedures like liposuction.

2). Are these procedures safe?

Every surgical procedure has a risk associated with it. However, contouring surgeries are perfectly safe, especially if your medical professional is a certified and experienced plastic surgeon.

3). How long do patients have to wait before going back to work?

If you only underwent one procedure, your body should be strong enough to sustain you in a working environment after five days. Expect to feel sore for quite a few weeks. Your body contouring Singapore surgeon will advise you to rest and recover before returning to work.

4). When do the results of liposuction start to manifest?

You are going to suffer from swelling for roughly ten days. You will start to see results after this period because the swelling would have started to subside.

5). Is anesthesia safe?

You have nothing to fear from general anesthesia, especially if you have a certified anesthesiologist on hand.


Contouring Procedures sound trivial but they matter because they enable people to enjoy the benefits of their dieting and exercise regiments. Fortunately, they are also quite safe. Despite being invasive in nature, you rarely hear stories of people dying as a result of body sculpting treatments.

The key is to put your life in the hands of a certified medical professional that understands the craft. Even though the procedures involve quite a bit of cutting, the healing process is quick and it won’t take you long to enjoy the benefits of your surgery.

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