Ideal Diamond Proposal Ring, What To Consider Before Buying One

What To Consider Before Buying An Ideal Cut Diamond Proposal Ring


Every individual has a different
 preference for the wedding rings, and this 
evokes the talk about diamond proposal rings will answer these three questions.

How to find the ideal cut diamond for the proposal? 
What are the popular types of diamond engagement rings? What are the things to consider before purchasing a proposal ring?



Many guys find it very
 challenging to find the “ideal” diamond ring for their girlfriends and wives because
 they get stuck, not knowing whether their loved ones will like the ring, and to make the 
matter worse, it might be out of their budget.

First things first, this website
 is here to help you understand the logic of “ideal” when it comes to proposal 
diamond rings because that’s my specialty!!! Well, by ideal, I will introduce the diamond 4C:


The main interest here
 lies on the diamond cutting which forms the ideal ring for the proposal where it’s
 for engagement or wedding. Cutting a diamond ring rotates all around the shape
 of the ring, the physical appearance such as the carat mosaic you choose. Don’t 
be ripped off, choose what your lover loves most and put it on the ring, it will
 be ideal.

DesiredShapes for Cut Diamond Proposal Ring

Brilliant diamond – this is the common use diamond cutting shape. It is universal and cheaply available. It’s so 
affordable,and this befits those who are
 traditional, timeless and a bit classy. Let them go round!!

According to
 Schreiber. M, rounded diamond cuts are the most popular accounting to 60% of bridal 
engagement rings.

Cushion cut diamond – This form of diamond 
ring cut is for fancy chic’s who are delicate, and
 I would describe them as delicate. These rings form the ideal romantic appeal
that these ladies desire; and trust me, your proposal will receive many “yeses”
by the time you’re done explaining yourself. Go for the cushion, its fit for

According to
 one of the leading diamond jeweller, Cushion Brellia is the World’s first Cushion Cut Hearts & Arrows Diamond.


The oval-diamond cut – This goes for the
 men who are so imaginative and experimental like a cutting edge. The shape is elegant because of its elongated
 edges and mostly chooses this if your lady has short fingers. The number of
 this kind of rings amounts to a small percentage of about 1 % of every ten engagements. The oval ring is for the daring 


Emerald-cut diamond- The diamond cut 
forms the top notch of the diamond cuts. It’s for the princes and princesses.
They are so attractive with sophisticated and elegant looks. If your bride
 knows what she wants from you, don’t hesitate to
go for this diamond cut. It’s ideal. Go emerald if you’re adventurous, confident and charming!!!

Don’t be ripped off; Diamond proposal ring is all about cutting. Choose the ideal!!


 don’t want to pamper you with a lot of ideas that have been commonly used but let’s
 go for some unique ring ideas. Watch the video from a reputable Singapore diamond jeweller – JP will give you some inspiration.

The Glamour Newsletter edited by Lajiness. L (
 is also a good reference for the popular diamond engagement ideas. Here are some for your consideration.

The first common gold diamond ideal is
 using the solitaire ring that is like a pear-shaped stone. It is among the
 trending diamond engagement ring that gives a colorful and unique appearance.
The second diamond engagement ring is 
trillion cut-diamonds that have a 
triangle shape on both sides. Remarkably, the shape is ideal for geometric triangle
 wedding furniture setting that resembles the emeralds cuts explained above.
The third gold diamond ring idea is that 
of East-West style that has horizontal arrangements suited for any wear and
 forms a traditional natural fit. It is a simple gold diamond ring that can go with any wedding gown because of its 
natural appearance.

Summarily, relax
 because buying diamond ring for proposal or engagement in Singapore can be a very long and intimidating process.

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